Cream of the Crop: Minecraft Movie & Cartoon Skins


Are you always in search of a new Minecraft’s personality? Surely, you are! Everyone is bored with default Steve, and even creating own skin is not so inspiring anymore. We all should think about transferring into famous characters known beyond the pale of Minecraft world. How about some famous movie or cartoon hero? Minecraft always gives you total freedom and lots of fun in the process of selecting the skin. So try to remember your favorite fictional heroes from the screen and make sure, they are already among Minecraft skins collection.


Alice In Wonderland Skin for Minecraft download

Alice’s usual place of living is not only Wonderland but Minecraft world as well. This cute blond girl in the blue dress and the bow on a hair was always looking for some absurd situations and strange events in the book and on the screen. She continues doing so investigating various Minecraft biomes. This is how Alice's story becomes more and more curious.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Skin for Minecraft download

Please take on the round glasses and a wizard’s cloak. We are going to put some magic into Minecraft. With this Harry Potter skin, The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One, The Greatest Fear of Lord Voldemort you are going to feel the magic power inside you. Do you remember how risky and courageous was Harry in the movies and books? The same part waits for you in the Minecraft.

James Bond

James Bond Skin for Minecraft download

The fan of tuxedos and luxurious life is now strolling along Minecraft. With his cunning savvy, fighting skills and unique sense of humor Agent 007 solves most of the problems. Choose this skin without a doubt, if you’ve always dreamed to walk through forests and hills dandy-dressed.

Marty McFly

Marty McFly Skin for Minecraft download

Marty McFly has just returned from the breathtaking trip to the future or to the past (but who cares). And right away he decided to make a more unpredictable journey. More adventures, more fun, Marty thinks. And he is absolutely right. Wearing his legendary red vest and comfortable sneakers, he is ready for gaining new victories in the Minecraft world.


Elsa Skin for Minecraft download

Elsa from the Frozen cartoon is one of those girls you don’t want to meet when she’s in a bad mood. So beware all the rivals coming on her way! For the right Elsa performance better find some snowy biomes for her habitation. Locating in suitable conditions, she will perform her best and freeze the threats entirely.


Pinocchio ^w^ Skin for Minecraft download

Minecraft’s Pinocchio has more advantages than the fictional one. He doesn’t have to attend school, and his nose doesn’t grow when he’s telling lies. Nevertheless, he is still that curious and droll boy that sticks his nose into others business. Pinocchio skin is exactly what you need to feel yourself a puppeteer and to rule someone’s life. Even if this someone is a marionette skin in Minecraft.


Spiderman Skin for Minecraft download

We all get used to Peter Parker’s numerous transformations within time and different media. Let’s pay tribute to his marvelous alter-ego and welcome Spiderman into the Minecraft world. This superhero is no misters with danger and problems. Use this skin to convince everybody in the game in your invincibility and self-confidence. Unless it is Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus or Venom. If you know what I mean.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader Skin for Minecraft download

This badass guy spoiled the nerves to a large amount of Star Wars acting characters. Will you let him continue in the same vein or drag him to the side of good? Use Darth Vader skin to set the balance of good and evil in Minecraft universe. And may the Force be with you.

Selecting and Installing

So which skin do you prefer? Graceful and sensitive Elsa or masculine and gorgeous James Bond? Or maybe it will be your favorite hero we didn’t mention. No matter whom you choose, you should keep up with the instructions for installing different skins.

On a PC it’s a ridiculously easy process. You can simply buy a new skin inside the actual game. With the Skin Chooser feature, you can find the needed one, click on it. And your character will change his appearance at once.

You can as well find a free skin on the web and browse it on your computer. It will be saved as a .png file. Go next to the game’s Main Menu, to the tab “Browse Skin”. In the Downloads folder find the file, select it as a skin and save changes. Voila, your new cinematic or cartoon image is ready to use.

For the console users, the process will be a bit more difficult. And here’s the instruction which is common for all the console platforms. Select Minecraft from your console library. In the game menu find Help & Options. Then click on Change Skin. Doing so opens the Skin Packs page. Press A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation). With this action, you will set the selected skin by default. Then you'll see a green checkmark in the bottom-right box. If the selected skin isn't free, you'll be prompted to purchase it first. You can press B or circle to exit the pop-up.

If you want to have the needed skin for free not buying it from the game developer, you should check the web for an unpaid option. When you find it, get it for free. On PS4 transferring the skin into the game requires a USB-flash and a PC. Only connecting to a computer, you can have new skins on your PlayStation console. For Xbox, the process is much more convenient, and you will set a new skin simply from the console menu. Nintendo doesn’t let you set free skins from the Internet. Nevertheless, it has a huge compilation of inbuilt skins to select from.

Changing a skin on the Minecraft PE is a Sunday picnic. It’s a bit similar to installing skins on PC. You just go to your mobile browser and get the needed skin in .png extension. In option menu select “Choose New Skin” and select the saved one. After confirming, the new skin is ready to revive in your mobile gadget.

As you see, the opportunities of changing skins are almost limitless. From the childhood cartoons to the latest movies characters - the variety of possible impresses. Find the very best for you and take him to the stunning Minecraft adventure.

Olivia Shaw

Olivia Shaw

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