How to Install Minecraft Skins: A Step-by-Step Guide


Selecting a Minecraft character is a fun process that helps you consequently fully enjoy the game. You can select one of the variety of ready-made skins on the web and launch it on your PC, Xbox or device.

Select a new skin or a skin pack and install it for free. Diversity of sites where you can get free skins is huge. So it is not a problem to find the needed one and help your character get its own individuality.

For PC

Install Minecraft Skins on Your PC — Do it With Your Eyes Shut

First find a site where you can install Minecraft skins. We won’t be tired of repeating, there are loads of sources providing skins for free. Once you selected a skin you should Download it or Save it from the Website. When prompted to save the file, select Save. Make sure that the name of the file you are launching to your Download folder has a .png extension.

To upload your skin to Minecraft and start using it:

  1. Launch Minecraft and select Skins from the main menu.
  2. Select Browse skin.
  3. Navigate to the Downloads folder or to the folder where you saved the .png file and select the new skin.
  4. Save the changes.

Next time you load your game or create a new one, your character will be wearing the new skin that you’ve created.

Easy as ABC: Minecraft Skins on Xbox One

To select a Skin Pack for your Xbox One just follow the recommendations:

  1. Go to Minecraft Offer.
  2. Get the Skin Pack (it’s only 156 Kb, so it will take seconds to download it).
  3. Quit dashboard.
  4. Go back to Minecraft in ‘Help & options’.
  5. Click ‘Change skin’.
  6. Choose from the variety of skins.

When the needed skin is selected you can go back and play the game. There you go, your skin changed.

Installing on PS4: Not a Piece of Cake

Make sure you have a USB, patience and time. And of course a computer. These things are required to install new Minecraft skins on your PlayStation. Before you start better save all your game data by copying onto a USB because during the process they can be wiped. Really big flash is required (≈ 25 Gb would be ok). After all the needed data is saved you can go over on PC. Connect your PS4 with PC:

  1. Download Custom Skin Pack on PC.
  2. Drag & drop Custom Skin Pack from your PC onto USB-flash (the whole process would take a couple of hours due to files big weight).
  3. Plug in USB-flash into PS4.
  4. Go next to System settings on your PS4 - Backup Utility - Restore - Yes - USB.
  5. Select TRG’s Custom Skin Release and follow the instructions.
  6. Reboot your PS4.
  7. After reboot go to PlayStation Store and re-download Minecraft, the new Skin Pack would already be there.

Don’t forget to return saved data from USB-flash onto your PS4 after transferring Skin Pack on it.

New Skins on a Silver Platter With Nintendo Switch

If you are a Nintendo Switch user, a sufficient quantity of Skin Packs in Nintendo Switch Minecraft is already included. Besides Default Skins, there are Battle and Beasts (huge compilation), Festive Mash-Up and Super Mario Packs. Biome Settlers, Chinese Mythology, Greek Mythology, Halloween 2015, Redstone Specialists Packs are locked, so you have to purchase it if you like it.

Get New Skins on Android: It’s not Rocket Science

To install Minecraft skins on your Android device you need an app Skins for Minecraft PE. Then just follow the instruction below:

  1. Select Skins from a menu (you can choose from different lists like Most Likes or Most Recent).
  2. Download the one you need.
  3. Get it applied to your device.

Now go play Minecraft with your new skin.

There are as many websites to find Minecraft Skins as there are skins themselves. So using our tips you can easily install a new pack. Enjoy the process of choosing the perfect skin and playing the game. And bring your Minecraft character individuality that it really deserves.

Olivia Shaw

Olivia Shaw

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