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    Alien - Interchangeable Minecraft Skins - image 1
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    Original model:

    Alex (3 pixel arms)


    100% Complete

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    HD skin:



    Alien skin description

    THE INCIDENT Once upon a time there was two very lovely couples whose names were Steve and Alex.That day they decided to take a stroll along the gravel road for a nice breeze. As they were walking across the road,while holding each others' hands, they encounter what seems to be a red glowing heap of ball amiss the sky.As they were eyeing at the anonymous figure, they dismissed the figure and continue on to their happy moment. The next day as Steve prepares to go back inside the lodging ,that he and his wife created, he stumbles across the same eerie object upon the sky,glowing ominously red and shaped as a ball,but this time much closer.Steve got startled by this thing, he frantically ran back to his lodging to tell his wife about it and also brought a full set of diamond armor and sword,just in case something bad happened. When Steve and Alex both step out of the door, the bright object was no longer there. Steve couldn't explain what just happened to him and was unmistakably confusilated based on Alex's interpretation. As Steve and Alex both goes back in the lodging, he was contemplating about the red glowing ball and dismissed it once more as an anomaly. Two days later as Steve's friend Captainsparkles and skydoes minecraft come to join dinner party, he and his wife explains about the red glowing ball, and surprisingly, caprainsparklez had something to say about that through his own experiences. He explained that he witnessed the same anomaly not so long ago and was now convinced that these series of events were not coincidences. Now the minecrafters during that dining session were skeptical alongside overall creeper out,with goosebumps crawling throughout their spines. MONTH LATER It was a medium bright lit day and beautiful day to be out. Birds were singing and dancing across the sky and grasses were humbly swaying with the cool breeze. Steve was alone in the woods,chopping birch wood,sweating while he does it. As he drops the axe down to take a temporary break from the strenuous work, he then sits down on the tree stem to feel the sensation of the breeze.But then,a sound started to disrupt the constant noise of peace, some what mechanical but strangely resounds. He goes toward the eerie sound passing the numerous trees he had cutted before during that day, and to his disbelief,he has eye witnessed a disc shaped object, changing from a red to a mere silver color. It descends down and the space shuttle door opens. As Steve wields his axe with a firmly tight grip, with sweat exasperating through his whole entire body by nervousness, he slowly approaches the metallic object. As he approaches closer and closer, suddenly the space shuttle door releases gass,and he eye witnessed black figures through the blinding luminescence inside the space shuttle door.As these mysterious figures approaches much much closer, Steve is now profound by disbelief and the anomalies he thought they were, and grasped his axe harder than never before. But as these aliens approach him, their impression were of pureness and with no means of evil. They have come in peace and just made a new history with mankind and extraterrestrials.What happens next is indeed a mystery. Spoiler - click to revealNo such thing!

    To download and use Alien skin for Minecraft game you need to have purchased and installed Minecraft game.

    This content tested on Windows version of the game. Please note that this skin is not official content for the game.

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