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    // This is really late

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    Steve (4 pixel arms)


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    // This is really late skin description

    Oh wow an actual 4-pixel arm skin This Lore It's So Bad Help*is cringing* That was so cringely help. The Text VersionDay 1 When a putrid smell arose from the garden, everyone thought it was Bob again, using the wrong fertilizer on the wrong plants. No one suspected that it was an creature, and alien as they call it, because it was simply preposterous. Apparently not. No one noticed the creature until it was too late. Everyone was too absorbed in their lunches, because for once we got the fresh stuff instead of the rehydrated frozen carp we usually got. The creature charged into the dining room, and.. had lunch, too. Everyone screamed, and the sound was deafening. I managed to take a peak at the creature before I was hustled away. I threw on my spacesuit and secured a cord. 4 other people made it the spacesuits and quickly wriggled into them. 3 of them took the other door. That was a mistake. The 4th person, Bob, made it out the safe door with me, and we floated up to the roof. I snatched the extra rope on my belt and attached it to my suit and one of the many abstract handles on the top of the L3XI. Day 2 Bob and I have taken refuge on top of the L3XI, the only place where the creature won't detect us. I check that the rope connecting me to the spacecraft is secure so that I don't go flying off. Gripping the cord tightly, I think back to Robin's many alien myths. He was always begging Cherche to get him more books on the subject. I think back to the attributes of the alien. Slimy green skin, resembles a huge worm, a huge mouth with thousands of tiny little teeth at one end, the ability to cut holes in any material- A Grootslang. Fool beasts, they gorge their way through everything no matter what the material. I was so lost in thought that I didn't realize that the monster was approaching me until it's too late. The creature lunges after me, and I managed to jump out of the way just in time. This results in the creature hitting the rope instead of me. The cord snapped without making a sound, so I took a second to realize that I was flying off into space. I watched in horror as the L3XI drifts farther and farther away. I stared into the Grootslang's wild red eyes, and they seem to be smiling. Day 3 The instant the cord snapped, I knew I was screwed, but I still lunged for the spacecraft. That only pushed me farther away. I struggled and kicked endlessly, but my efforts were fruitless. I watched as the L3XI drifts further and further away until it is out of sight. As I float away from safety I relaxed. There's no use in fighting, for I was miles away from sanctuary of the spacecraft. I glanced at the oxygen level. 36%. I wasn't going to last much longer. Floating along in space, I close my eyes and think about everyone that I was going to lose in this helpless situation. Cherche, my deer sweet Cherche. I love her dearly, for she is kind, caring, and patient. I missed her and her fiery crimson hair. Maria, my adorable little pumpkin. Her innocence is like a ray of sunshine in this cruel world. She may have my eyes, but she's more like her mother with her signature red hair and cheerful personality. Oh how radiant her green eyes are when they light up. Robin, the mischievous child, he's always up to no good. Cherche consistently tells him that his unhealthy obsession with mythical creatures isn't good for him and that they were just myths. Heh, apparently not. I loved watching the blur of his messy brown hair pass by whenever we visit the library. I looked down at my oxygen level. 16%. I laughed sadly to myself. It's over, isn't it? I closed my eyes, knowing that I may never open them ever again. Conclusion While the monster was attacking our main protagonist (who's name is Scott), Bob ran to a capsule and blasted off. He made it back to Earth 3 weeks after the attack and fanatically explained to NASA about what he saw. NASA at first thought that Bob was going crazy, but then he showed them some of the goo the Grootslang left behind. NASA talked about this with the government, and somehow the Press got word of it (the Press gets word of everything). When Scott's family heard the news on the car they first mourned. Then, Bob mentioned the alien, and Robin immediately knew how he could help. A few years later, the government and NASA decided that they should kill off the monsters before they could cause anymore harm to satellites and spacecrafts with important information. They formed an organization and originally called it Operation Annihilation, but then Robin convinced them to change it to Operation Revenge of the L3XI. And so the war started. Author's Note Oh. My. God. This sucks so much it's embarrassing. // This is really just the section where I put random stuff so yay // Fyi Cherche's name is pronounced "Ch-air-ch" (I pronounce it that way, you don't have to) Most of the names came from FE Heroes, and I'm probably going to make a fanskin for it. (The game, not the story. The story's too cringy to have a cringy skin made of it)References Sorry, I got really lazy with the torso. Thank you for taking the time to read this so here's a boat.

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